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So many meaningful gifts hidden in this beautiful handmade @vowto_inc gift box! #vowto combines wisdom lessons, beautiful gifts and online community, taking wellness to another level!

"The lessons are short, 15 to 18 minutes — designed to squeeze into the hectic schedules of today’s women.

The three-month endeavor includes an online lesson plan and handy app; a monthly gift box with items that correspond to the weekly teaching; a social network component for participants via MightyBell (and/or Facebook); and even offline support groups for real life bonding.

The lessons focus on different intentions or vows, all intended to help women form positive habits and daily rituals.” -@miaminewtimes

Check out @vowto_inc in @miaminewtimes! ” Wellness may be the buzzword of the decade, but for countless women facing stressful gigs, crying kids, and chaotic households, the term is more fantasy than reality.

But VowTo, headquarted in Wynwood’s LIght Box at Goldman Warehouse, is looking to change all that. Through its 12-week online, in-person, and snail mail program, the company aims to give women a gaggle of tools to make balanced living an achievable goal.”

Yummy! Sunday calls for a little indulgence! Who’s up for a little #dulcenoleche from @msbunniecakes? Check out this great list of #wynwood’s best spots including our favorites, #bunniecakes and #enriquetas! Thank you to @audraclemons and @theculturetrip! (at Bunnie Cakes)

So excited to announce the @seedfw celebrity chef lineup including Matthew Kenney Cuisine, an endeavor of the two-time James Beard Award nominee, entrepreneur, bestselling cookbook author, and culinary educator; Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, 2014 James Beard Award nominees and owners of the renowned Philadelphia restaurant Vedge; Brendan Brazier, a two-time Canadian 50k Ultra Marathon Champion and author of the bestselling Thrive cookbook series; and Mark Reinfeld, an award-winning chef, author, and activist. Check out @miaminewtimes for the story!

VowTo is a wellness company for women with a 12 week life transformation experience that includes Wisdom Lessons, curated gifts, and the VowTo Community. Sign up at vowto.com to experience it for yourself or share with someone you know. Follow @vowto_inc for more info.

So excited to announce @msbunniecakes Summer Cooking Classes starting on Thursday, July 10th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The class is offered every Thursday through August 21. Price is $30 and includes all the ingredients and their take home treats! Let the kids make a fun mess without having to worry about cleaning it up. Limited to only 10 kids! E-mail mari@bunniecakes.com to register!  (at Bunnie Cakes)

Join Jennifer Grace today at 11am or 8pm on Hayhouseradio.com for a free show on how to NOT feel overwhelmed and stressed! Powerful tools and techniques!

With all the love and respect in the world, we bid you farewell but your legacy lives on forever. Rest in peace, Dr. #mayaangelou.

Guess where @miamiheat’s #big3 celebrated their win on Saturday night? One our favorite places, @kushwynwood! #winning (at Kush Wynwood)

"The best things in life are worth waiting for. Like true love. Or a new season of Sons of Anarchy. Or #HOUSE, #Wynwood’s first club, which is finally opening after four years of work, but only to people lucky enough to have a key. What said people are in for is part warehouse club, part modern art show, part #MiamiVelvet on acid, and altogether unlike anything #Miami’s ever seen. Until you look at these glorious pictures, anyway." -@thrillist